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Tenthouse |'Vega' (48m²)

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Designed for quick installation and easy removal, the Organic Tent House is a modular system constructed with pre-fabricated timber beams and posts designed to standard dimensions.

The  Organic-Concept stretch tent lends an inviting and luxurious feel to the entire unit. Muted, natural colour options and the tent’s organic curves are a  beautiful complement to any natural setting.


Unit frames, sub floors and decks are built entirely from sustainably sourced and treated Pine or hard-wearing grandis offering a predicted lifespan of 10 – 25 years depending on weather conditions.

One with Nature Soft fabric walls can be unzipped on three sides and rolled up entirely to open up the Organic Tent House to its scenic surrounds.

Our engineered tent fabrics offer global fire standards with a range of natural tones available.

Wherever choosing to install an Organic Tent House, our climate-friendly build
options are designed to ensure absolute comfort and the range of finishing options cater for both luxurious and rustic accommodation styles.

Stretch tent poles are available in aluminium, pine or grandis timber. Other options are also available.


The engineered tent fabrics offer global fire standards with a range of natural tones available.


The unit is less prone to weathering, Elevated units are warmer in colder climates. The Organic stretch tent creates an expansive feeling of space around the unit, forming a protective barrier between the structure and sun or rain. The deep eaves also provide shade and watertight protection across the entire deck area.

Colder climates demand fully insulated units and the Organic Tent House delivers with foil insulated hard wall panelling options and foam insulation installed between floor joists. Add a romantic and cozy ambience with gas fireplaces options.



An Organic Tent House is a scalable structure you can configure to meet your needs. Modular interlocking units of standard dimensions connect together to create multiple floor plans.*

  • Decks can be placed on any side. Stairs can be clipped on at any access point
  • Bedrooms, bathrooms and/or decks can be added after-build, simply by plugging into the existing structure
  • The internal space can be re-configured by clipping internal walls to different points on the frame
  • The Organic Tent House can be configured with soft walls and ceiling panels to create a temporary tent-like feel OR soft elements can be easily interchanged for hard walls and ceilings.
  • The off-the-grid ablution and power solutions make it possible for you to locate your Organic Tent House anywhere.
  • Timber beams and posts interlock to quickly assemble the frame
  • Units are elevated on galvanised steel feet and simply levelled by adjusting the height of each foot. This removes the need for foundations that may leave unsightly scars on the environment when the unit is removed or relocated.
  • Soft wall and ceiling panels simply slide into the frame while hard panels are bolted in to form a watertight seal
Units are easily transported to remote locations with a flatbed trailer or small truck


*Organic Stretch tents are designed to it a particular configuration. When a floor plan changes, a new stretch tent design may be required.

Soft fabric walls and ceilings create a romantic tent-like atmosphere and can be solid or windowed. The fabric slides into a Keder rail track attached to the wooden frame, creating a weather-tight seal and a flat tensioned wall. These walls can be unzipped on three sides and rolled up entirely to open out to the surroundings. The tri-layer window system consisting of an external Ripstop canvas ‘blind’, a fixed mosquito net and a clear internal roll-up PVC window provides both privacy and protection from insects and the weather respectively.

Soft walls are also printable with any design & in full color! Great for branding.

soft or hard walls

Where climate or security is a concern, or a different aesthetic is required, the modular design of Organic Tent House allows for hard panel wall and ceiling alternatives. Hard wall alternatives include solid wood, glass, aluminium or cladded panels. Standard-sized aluminium windows and sliding doors panels are also available. Custom panels of the same dimension can be installed easily and cost-efficiently.


Units are available with or without bathroom facilities. Our 4m2, 6m2 or 12m2  bathroom modules can either plug into an existing structure or be included in the main floor plan. Solutions are available for both ‘off-the-grid’ and fully-serviced scenarios. Any custom fixture or fitting meeting the service requirements can be fitted on site by your own supplier to meet your level of luxury.


What could be better than enjoying a hot tub on your private deck overlooking an incredible view? Wood-fired hot tubs made from ultra-light, but very  
sturdy material and filled with self-expanding foam can be added.  These hot tubs do not need an electrical outlet or installation. The water is heated via an aluminum wood-fired stove that fits neatly into a corner and is well shielded to prevent injuries.

Choose from a range of flooring finishes including WISA-birch floor, engineered laminated and vinyl plank flooring, as well as natural carpeting options like hard-wearing coir.