For each item in our shop, you will find a full descriptive list of what is included in the price. Usually, it is organized under the tab ‘What’s included’ or under the tab ‘Description’, for less complex items. If you have any doubts or questions about this, do not hesitate to get in touch. Every build-up is different and specific items may need to be included for your specific set-up. When in doubt, it is always recommended to ask for our advice to make sure you have all the necessary accessories and equipment before starting the build up/installation.

What is NOT included:

·  Build-up & break-down. You can ask a custom quote for this by sending a request to sales@organic-concept.com. We have highly trained technicians and trusted partners around the world that are happy to assist in realizing your project!  

·  Specific building materials needed to set-up the structures and tents. Follow THIS link to get an overview of building materials required per product.

Import fees and duties are not included in the price and will be calculated separately after the purchase. If there are additional duties to be paid, you will be contacted by our shipping partner. We cannot be held liable for any unexpected duty and import related costs as these depend on the region the goods are shipped to and can only be calculated by a third party upon the time of purchase.

If you are unsure about potential duties and import costs, you can always ask us to prepare an estimate. These are estimations made at the time of purchase and are in no way legally binding.










Deposit Payment

·  Certain products do not require full payment before checkout. These items are usually larger tents, tent structures or tent houses with a higher cost that are put into production after placement of an order.  For these items it is possible to place an order by paying a 10% deposit + shipping fee. Once the checkout is completed, we have received your order request, which we will process within 1-2 working days. Within this time, you will receive a second deposit invoice for another 40% downpayment. Once the full deposit (10% deposit+ 40% downpayment + shipping fees) is paid, your order is put into production.

·  Please note that paying a 10% deposit upon check-out is the first step in the order process and does not equate the purchase of an item. Since the items in question are produced upon demand, it means we need at least a 50% financial commitment before we can continue to manufacture. Organic-Concept retains the right to cancel or postpone the acceptance of your order for any reason at this stage after which a full refund will take place. You will receive an order acceptance confirmation e-mail from us within 1-2 working days. If you have not received this e-mail after 2 working days, please check your spam folder or contact us directly.

·  Once your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive a confirmation e-mail including a 50% balance invoice. Reception of the balance payment is required before the items are shipped to their destination.

·  Only after the full deposit amount is paid and received on our bank account, your order is considered as confirmed and put into production.  The displayed lead time starts upon receipt of your full deposit payment.

For some larger items, only a 50% deposit payment (link to previous tab) is required to request an order placement. For all other items, full payment is required.

At this time, we do not offer payment option on installments but for larger projects we are open to discuss custom payment conditions.

For customers within the EU, there will be no extra import taxes or duties to take into account. Customers ordering from outside the EU will be contacted by a 3rd-partyshipping agent in order to complete the import process. Importing goods from the EU into another continent or region will usually require following steps:

·  Sending the original invoice for customs purposes for the total amount (In case you have an order that has a deposit invoice, this invoice can be send separately after the total amount is paid)

·  HS codes should be listed in the product descriptions on your invoice – if there are codes missing, you can always ask us!

If you need any assistance regarding the import process (e.g. required paperwork, customs, duties and taxes) please get in touch with us at shipping@organic-concept.com


The shipping and delivery specifications can differ widely per product. They will always be mentioned in the product page itself. In short, there are 3 options:

·  For standard non-deposit items in stock (decoration/furniture items like lamps, chairs, mirrors, …) we will ship within 1-2 working days.

·  For standard non-deposit items not in stock, lead times will depend on the product type.

·  For larger standard deposit items (Silhouette tents, Bamboo Tipi, Wooden Flat Dome, etc.), production lead time is an estimate and will be communicated after the order is placed by paying the 50% deposit. For more info on items that require a deposit, please check THIS FAQ section

In principle we ship to all countries. If you receive the error message “At the moment Organic-Concept does not ship to your region”, you can always get in touch with us to see what options/solutions are available.

You can find information about delivery timing on the product page. This depends of course on the type of product, whether it is sold from stock or needs to be produced, and on the region you are shipping to. Lead times represent an ex-works lead time, meaning shipping to your region from our factory is not included.

This is not always the case. We will always try to ship as efficiently as possible and this sometimes means some goods can arrive separately on different delivery dates and by different shipping partners.

We have several shipping partners, we will always opt for the most suitable partner in every situation. If you prefer to work with your own partner, please ask our sales team for a custom quote.

Shipping costs are always calculated at check-out and depend on the type of product, which warehouse it is shipped from and on the region you are shipping to.

As we have a wide range of different product weights and dimensions, this is not always an easy calculation. Please take into account that in exceptional cases, the shipping costs may need to be recalculated, based on information that was not readily available at time of check-out or external factors out of our control. Organic-Concept will need to charge the extra costs in case there is a difference in price in the final shipping invoice.

Yes, for most orders an e-mail will be sent with a tracking code which you can use to follow up on your shipment’s status.

Yes, we encourage pick-ups at our warehouse. Please note very carefully how much carrying space you need to transport the items you have bought with us by checking the product’s description. Our warehouse team is always available to answer questions in this regard if you have any doubts. Finally it’s important to know our main office is located in Aartselaar, Belgium - but we have warehouses in different locations around the world which we can ship from.

This depends on the shipping partner for your particular order.


YES WE DO!  In fact we love it so much we have a dedicated professional design team working only on developing new types of OC products.  Any custom shape, size, colour, material or other idea you may have, you’ve come to the right place to make it happen! We’d love to hear your story and take on the challenge to create something completely new that tackles your specific needs & environmental restrictions. Get in touch with our team so we can get the ball rolling at sales@organic-concept.com. Don’t forget to include drawings, photos or designs that show us what you have in mind! Our experts bring your product to life with input from our experienced technical staff, designers, rigorous testing, prototyping, and a proven quality-management system. 


A B2B account is a business account that grants access to the wholesale section of our webshop. It is only accessible to our selection of professionals, dealers and partners upon invitation. You will be able to see all products with B2B pricing - excluding VAT. Please note the same shipping conditions apply.

You can request an invitation by sending us an e-mail at following address: business@organic-concept.com. Please include a description of your activities and what products you are interested in and why, the sector you are active in, your VAT number and business address.

Restrictions: These accounts are strictly reserved for businesses. Private individuals are not eligible for a B2B account. In case we find access has been obtained outside of our list of invitation, Organic-Concept retains the right to refuse any orders placed on our platform by that customer. 

If you haven’t received an activation e-mail, check your spam folder. In case you have trouble accessing your account, please get in touch with our support helpdesk at support@organic-concept.com


We offer volume discounts which are available and scalable to the quantity ordered. Contact us for discount codes and more information.

Organic-Concept is committed to providing the highest quality products at the best prices. In case we have special offers, we post those offers on our website, to our newsletter subscribers, and to our social media followers.

Organic-Concept often receives offers from talented and driven individuals offering social media posts, pictures, blogs, prayers, etc. in exchange for products or discounts.  We appreciate enthusiastic and opportunistic spirits! However, to preserve the integrity of our brand and our products we will not offer discounts or free products in exchange for coverage or feedback.

If you own a product and have pictures (especially high-resolution pictures), blogs, or popular social media posts to share with us; we are happy to reward your independent and inspired work after the fact.  Get in touch with us via email or social media!


We stand by our products. All Organic-Concept Tents & Structures sold as new at full retail price come with a limited warranty to the original purchaser with valid proof of purchase against manufacturing defects. Any tent determined to be defective by Organic-Concept will be repaired to working order or replaced with the same or similar model at our sole discretion. Cost of return shipping for warranty items is at the responsibility of the customer.  Cost of delivery of goods repaired or replaced under warranty may be covered by Organic-Concept.

This warranty does not cover zippers, ordinary wear and tear from use, or damage arising from (but is not limited to) mold, mildew, inconsequential spot leakage, pole failure not caused by defective workmanship, ultraviolet exposure, fire, stove/air conditioner use, improper use/assembly/storage, or inclement weather conditions including but not limited to ice, snow, hail, wind, and lightening.

This warranty is void with modification, alteration, or the use of certain cleaning, treatment, or coloring agents. Organic-Concept makes no other warranty express or implied and shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damage or injury arising from the use of Organic-Concept products. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other legal rights that vary by jurisdiction.

Certain tents and structures are what we call ‘made to order’. These items are not kept in stock and are produced upon demand (e.g. Silhouette Sailcloth Tents, Wooden Flat Dome, Bamboo Tipi, Custom Stretch Tents, etc.) Each of these products have a specific lead time which is mentioned on the product page. If you have any questions regarding these lead times, just ask us!  Please note for some items the lead times can change throughout the year, depending on demand & availability.  We understand some orders are time sensitive, we will always do everything we can to have your order produced as fast as possible!  To get the best estimate of when your order will be ready to ship, feel free to get in touch with us.

The cost of return or exchange shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Due to the size and weight of some of our Tents & Structures, shipping can be expensive.  Read the product descriptions carefully and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns prior to placing your order!


Is build up / build down included in the price?

When you purchase a product on our website, build-up/break-down are never included by default. However, we have well trained technicians and trusted partners all around the world and are happy to assist you in any way we can to realize your projects. Please contact us at sales@organic-concept.com to find out more and receive a specific quote.

Is there a build-up manual for each product?

Once you have ordered a product we will send you a detailed overview of how to set up the product as well as a detailed list of the equipment you need. It’s always a good idea to get in touch with us before purchasing a Tent to find out which important factors (e.g. available space, crew needed, building time, height, etc.) are to be taken into account.

How long does it take to build up the Tents?

The time it takes to set up the Tents can vary widely depending on the type of structure, the weather conditions, necessary preparations to the site (e.g. levelling), amount of helping hands and many other factors. We are always happy to assist you by phone and if available, will provide manuals that guide you through the set-up step-by-step.

What are the points of attention for the location where the Tent will be installed?

When estimating the best way to set up a Tent, it’s always good to go through the following checklist

-  What’s the type of surface?

-  Can you enter the ground with pegs of 1,00m long? Are there no pipes /cables running underneath, in the ground?

-  Is the ground even or is there a difference in the levelling? (important for installation of Silhouette Sailcloth Tents, Bamboo Tipi and Wooden Flat Dome, Tent Houses)

- What is the space available around the Tent or structure?

Your desired tent size depends on its purpose.  On the product page you can check the different options, depending on the type of event you wish to use your Tent for. Get in touch with us if you wish to discuss your specific purpose!

This is possible with our Organic Stretch Tents.  Depending on the type of wall or building we offer different solutions, like anchorages for brick walls or wood, or a keder system that is fully waterproof.  Get in touch with us for more details.

Stretch tents can be put up against brick, wooden, or concrete walls without problems thanks to the anchoring or wall profiles.

* Mainly used in tailor-made Stretch tents.

Depending on the type of Tent you need specific tools to install the Tent or Tent Structure.  We have included a detailed list of the equipment per product.  Please check it on the product page.

We strongly stand behind our products. All Organic-Concept Tents sold as new with a valid purchase proof, have a limited 1 year warranty on all Tent fabrics, against possible production errors.  Every OC Tent where we receive proof of a default will be replaced by a new or similar product.  The cost for return shipping of the goods under warranty is at the expense of the customer.  The shipping of a replacement Tent is at the cost of Organic-Concept.

This warranty is not valid when there occurs normal abrasion because of utilization or damage resulting from (but not limited to) fungi, mildew, insignificantl eakage, a falling pole not caused because of defect in workmanship, exposure to ultraviolet rays, a fire, the use of a stove/ air conditioner, improper use/montage/ storage, or bad weather conditions, including but not limited to ice,snow, hail, wind or lightning.

This warranty is not valid with modification or the use of certain cleaning treatment or coloring matter. Organic-Concept provides no other warranty, expressor implied, and is not liable for consequential or incidental damage or injury resulting from the use of Organic-Concept products. This warranty gives u specific legal rights. It is possible that you have other legal rights that differ per jurisdiction.

Depending on the type of Tent you purchase, you will need to anchor it in the ground or not. These details are included on every product page available on our store.

Depending on the type of Tent you purchase we have a clear documentation or Tent book available, where the wind speed and other details are specified.  Upon purchase of an OC Tent above 50m² such a certification/Tent book is included. Please note this does not include a CTS certification (needed for public events in France) or a TÜV certification (needed for public events in Germany).  If you would need these certifications for your specific project, please note we can assist you in the process quite easily.  Contact us for more information certification@organic-concept.com

The diversity of the snow makes it impossible to make up accurate and fast rules on how much snow a shelter can endure. 25 liter of dry snow can easily weigh 5kg. The same volume of heavy and wet, or compressed snow by wind can weigh more than 15kg. So, a canvas of 40m² with only 5cm average snow of 0.4kg/l, would add 800 kilogram of weight to the tent.

The Organic-Concept tents are resistant against strong wind and rain, but certainly not against the weight that snowfall sometimes can bring along. Considering the weight of the problem, Organic-Concept doesn’t give a safe amount of accumulation of ice or snow on an Organic-Concept Tent. How bigger the surface of the tent, how bigger the potential snow load, and so how bigger the chance on structural collapse.  

To reduce the build-up of snow in winter conditions, Organic-Concept recommends a tent stove or other types of heaters that heat the tent and ensure that the fresh snow on the tent melts. In heavy snowfall where the accumulation exceeds the speed of melting, it is possible to use an ice scraper, a squeegee or soft brush to brush the snow of the sail or to gently knock off snow from the inside so it glides off the tent.

Ensuring the guy lines remain tensioned and the tent is pitched well on a flat surface is essential to the structural integrity of any tent.

Mold is the biggest killer of canvas.

Our Organic tents are treated to improve resistance against rain, UV-rays and mold. The products used for the treatment of our tents are biodegradable.

This means that the protective layer on the cotton or synthetic fiber is broken down slowly by natural influences from outside such as humidity, UV exposure, suspended particles of vegetation and fungal spores. This increases the sensitivity to mold.

Always make sure that your tent including all accessories are completely dry before these to be stored again. This is the only way to protect your tent from mold.

Instructions for cleaning re-treatment and storage are described in detail in the heading ‘frequently asked questions’.

If you are pitching the tent for a long period of time or living out of your tent, YOU ARE AWESOME! As a seasoned naturist, you know the importance of maintaining a clean camp and quality equipment. Follow these tips to prevent mold from growing in the first place:

·  Regularly inspect the tent for mold growth (a good time to do this is when you retention the guy lines).

·  Clean off any dead leaves, bugs, bird poop, etc. that falls on the tent.

·  Cut back vegetation in the surrounding area so tall grass and weeds are several feet away from the canvas. Keep it up as new growth forms. (This also keeps the windows clear and you more comfortable)

·  Keep your tent well ventilated. Mesh covered vents, windows, doors, and even walls on the ProTech make it easy to keep it breezy.

·  Clean and retreat your canvas as needed, based on your observations of the impact the environment is having on your tent.

Note: Cleaning and retreating your tent will involve taking the tent down from time to time. A typical cleaning and retreatment can require a few hours on a sunny day. If you are living in your tent, be prepared to move your stuff out for a deep cleaning a few times a year (depending on the type of product).

Prevention is key, but mold is everywhere and can happen to anyone.

·  Identify it: Mold can come in many shapes and colors but generally on canvas it looks like tiny black, blue, or green specks peppered into the canvas.

·  Kill it: Spray it with distilled white vinegar. Let dry.

·  Clean it: Scrub it lightly with a soft brush using a mixture of salt, lemon, and hot water. Some methods and products can damage your tent permanently. Never use a high-pressure cleaner, a washing machine, bleach, all-purpose cleaner, detergent or dish soap.

·  Retreat it: Spray the clean, dry, canvas with a canvas treatment

Organic-Concept Tents are treated for 100% water resistance. This differs in composition from product to product.

In addition to following our recommenced storage, cleaning, and retreatment processes, keep the following tips in mind to maintain waterproofing on your tent.

·  Maintain a proper pitch to rain and snow can shed quickly.

·  Don’t use harsh cleaners or detergents on the tent.

·  Keep gear and furniture from touching the inside of the canvas.


A well-pitched tent is essential to ensuring performance and longevity. Tent specific montage instructions can be found on the respective product pages of our tents.

We provide a professional placement for al our products, anywhere in the world. For some countries it can be done through local trusted partners of the Organic-Concept network, or can be organized from our headquarters in Belgium.

Mold, mice, and mites are the biggest threats to tents in storage. Follow our tent storage guidelines to protect your tent when you’re not using it.

Never pack your tent wet! EVER!  Your tent, groundsheet, and guy lines must be completely dry before you put it in the bag. If you must take down camp while damp, loosely fold up the tent for transport and then lay it out to dry within 24 hours. If outdoor drying isn’t a possibility, bring it inside to dry before packing it up.

Pack your tent clean.  Vegetation and dirt hold moisture which will grow mold. Sweep or wipe down the tent inside and out before packing it up.

Keep it High and Dry:  Keep your packed tent in a cool, dry place and avoid storage in damp basements. Keep the tent off the floor in garages and storage units that can flood or puddle in the rain.

Long Term:  If you're storing your tent for a long period, or in an area where mice and bugs are a concern, consider storing the tent in a big clean plastic garbage can with a lid.

Cleaning and re-treating your tent regularly improves the life of your tent and is a necessary component of maintenance.

Environmental factors such as humidity, UV exposure, airborne particulate from vegetation, and mold spores can vary drastically in different locations. We recommend cleaning and retreating your tent after 12 months of use, however, depending on your environment you may need to clean it more or less often.

Spot clean and retreat problem areas as needed.  It is important to address any mold and mildew immediately to kill the spores and prevent it from spreading.  Once the tent has mold, it is almost impossible to remove the stains. 

We believe that repairs over replacements and returns is an ethos that everyone should live by to protect our planet. With proper maintenance and pitching, an Organic-Concept tent can last for years without requiring any repairs.

Small rips and tears from pets, gear, furniture, or environmental causes can typically be repaired with a simple needle and threador patches and are often a do-it-yourself project. We offer for these situations handy repair kits in our online store. For those cases in which a tent requires professional repair, we can help point you to a trusted repair shop.

Have a tent in need of repair?  Send us an email, repair@organic-concept.com, attach some pictures, and we will work with you to provide the best possible solution for your specific situation.  A custom-tailored solution means we don’t adhere to one-size-fits-all pricing. You are only responsible for the work completed and shipping to and from the repair shop!

Replacement parts and tent repair kits are available on our website in the Accessories: Tent Care section.  If you are looking for something that is not listed, get in touch and we will assist you.



Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.



When you purchase something from our store, as part of the buying and selling process, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address. When you browse our store, we also automatically receive your computer’s internet protocol (IP) address in order to provide us with information that helps us learn about your browser and operating system. Email marketing:  With your permission, we may send you emails about our store, new products and other updates.  Non-personal information is also captured by third parties to help us provide the best service possible.  See the below section on third party tracking tools and how to opt-out below.

We will never sell your information or give it out to another company.


How do you get my consent?

When you provide us with personal information to complete a transaction, verify your credit card, place an order, arrange for a delivery or return a purchase, we imply that you consent to our collecting it and using it for that specific reason only. If we ask for your personal information for a secondary reason, like marketing, we will either ask you directly for your expressed consent, or provide you with an opportunity to say no.

How do I withdraw my consent?

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Notification and contacting us

This is the website of Organic-Concept.The head office is based at Molenveldstraat 18, 2630 Aartselaar – Belgium. Our VAT number is BE0807.879.247

Contact our headquarters at:

by e-mail: info@Organic-Concept.com
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