Our Story

The Organic-Concept story started many years ago, somewhere on the beautiful but remote West Coast of South-Africa. 

There lies a land that forms the heart of a family of brothers.  Like an extraterrestrial planet in between the rocky mountains, noted for its caves with rock paintings.  Looked over by black eagles that roam the sky – a place with a great history & incredible energy, which used to be home to the people of Africa, the bushmen. 

At nighttime, when the magic of the Milky Way unfolds right above you and portrays itself as a gateway to another world, you understand there is more to it than meets the eye.

It is in this exceptional place miles and miles away from the modern world that Organic-Concept was born.

The signature Organic shapes were drawn from the natural elements and the contrast of the surroundings - home to this location.  Breathing many emotions.

It is the energy of this somewhat sacred place that Organic-Concept carries in its roots, and is now returning to.  Outdoor Living in its purest form. Reconnecting with nature, with oneself and with one another.

In 2008, the Organic-Concept Stretch tents were a revolutionary type of tents exclusively introduced to the European market.  Thanks to its widespread success, Organic-Concept quickly made a name for itself in the event & hospitality sector, in & outside of Belgium. 

Experience was generated over the years and Organic custom design became an in-house specialty.

Looking for new products that matched the Organic original Stretch Tents, Organic-Concept found the perfect match in the beautifully handmade Sailcloth tents from the Sperry family in Boston, USA.  In 2013 the Sperry Tent which got branded as the Organic Silhouette tent, got introduced exclusively on the EU market. The Silhouette tents are beautiful and unique in their kind. They breathe a timeless elegance & luxury like no other with their waving peaks, luxuriant canvas sailcloth and solid wooden poles.

The eye for detail & workmanship that the Sperry family puts into their product, makes these tents that more breathtaking once you stand under them.  The ivory color tent sail filters the light in a unique way during the daytime, and carries a signature ‘glow’ at night.   

In 2016 & 2017 Organic-Concept decided to diversify and launched two new sister companies, named Liberty-Vintage & Let There Be Light.

Liberty-Vintage provides a custom collection of trend-setting wedding & event furniture rentals, made of pieces which help tell your story through thoughtful design.

Let There Be Light specializes in creating unique lighting and decoration pieces for any venue that wants to set itself apart from the crowd.  They deal in atmosphere.

By reinforcing each other’s products, Organic-Concept along with Liberty-Vintage & Let There Be Light grew stronger over the years, and further developed and reinforced it’s international network of franchises & distributors, in and outside of Europe.

In 2017 the newly developed Organic Wooden Flat Dome & Bamboo Tipi were introduced to the market and immediately got picked up by trending festivals like We Can Dance & Tomorrowland to host some of their stages.  Just like the Organic Silhouette tents they blend perfectly with the shape & design Organic represents, and further strengthened the OC brand.

Although Organic-Concept’s business was mainly focused on rental, a large part of its turnover is made up of custom-made tents & designs for (semi-) permanent installations. 

Our Organic custom made tents & Outdoor space covers are a great additional value for the hospitality sector worldwide, but also for private customers who wish to enjoy our products in the privacy of their garden.

When the Covid pandemic shook up the entire event sector worldwide in 2020, and the world came to a sudden stop, we did what everybody else was doing – take the time to reflect and put everything in perspective.

It was no coincidence that just when the pandemic hit, my partner & me along with our 4 kids settled down in a newly engineered Tent House test unit, somewhere in the middle of nature, nor was it a coincidence that we lived one of the most beautiful Spring/Summer seasons since years, and had the opportunity to enjoy a true Outdoor Living experience.  It is during these months, when suddenly everything came to a stop that we understood the importance of reconnecting with nature, with ourselves and with others – and what this does to us as human beings.

It is during this period we got creative, and started dreaming of the next exciting chapter to our story. 

It became our wish and desire to create a unique platform where we could promote an Outdoor Living & Outdoor Experience concept through our existing products, new developments and carefully curated partners’ products.

Since the Summer of 2020 we have directed all our energy to creating a digital platform, where we are introducing Organic Tent Structures & Tent Houses with sustainable, stylish decorative pieces and products that will immerse you in the ultimate Outdoor Living Experience.


 Retreat Off-grid.  Live Wild.


Sébastien Meiresonne – CEO Organic-Concept