Les Quatre Mains Baskets - Black - Set of 3

Les Quatre Mains Baskets - Black - Set of 3

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These beautifully seagrass woven Quatre Mains Baskets with four handles are super handy to store your laundry, use for towel storage in the bathroom or storage of toys in a living space or children's room. Super practical having four handles making them easy to carry or hang. They match any modern or boho chic interior.


Length 45-52-60 | Width 45-52-60 | Height 22-26-32


Materials: SEAGRASS


Color: Black


EAN Code: 7438246040031

The strong synergy between the Organic-Concept and Bazar Bizar brand allows private and professional customers to beautifully decorate their tented space in a Coastal way of Living. From atmosphere lighting, to furniture and tableware.

We share a long-term, sustainable vision and prefer to work with nature rather than against it.

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