8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)
8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)

8x13m Oval Silhouette Tent (90m²)

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The 8x13m oval tent has two center poles and gives you several options for the set up inside the tent. This tent is suitable for a maximum of 55 seated guests, or a non-seated event up to 95 guests.

If you desire to have a wooden floor supporting this tent, we recommend 8 x 15m.

    Silhouette tents, or sailcloth tents, are beautiful and unique in their kind. They radiate elegance thanks to the wave-like peaks, the luscious sailcloth and the massive wooden poles.


    These sailcloth tents distinguish themselves by the translucent character of the sailcloth and their different shapes. Most of all because of excellent craftsmanship, as all tents are handmade by specialized sailmakers.

    The wooden poles are laminated pine wood which makes them ultra strong and they are coated with a rustic varnish to protect them.

    On top of the center poles, there is an option to install unique pennant flags, these flags can also be personalized (in your desired color or logo)

    Keep in mind that an extra space of 1,5m around the tent is needed to anchor and install the tent.


    Available colors are ivory & midnight blue.


    Silhouette tents can all be fully closed with an easy to adapt sidewall system, where you can choose between clear and / or solid sidewalls. This makes it easy to heat or air condition the tent.  You can thus enjoy the feel of both an open or closed tent.


    A Silhouette walkway can connect 2 Silhouette tents, and can also be closed on the sides with solid or transparent sidewalls.

      • 1x 8x13m Oval Canopy + Tentbag

      • 2x 5m Centre Pole
      • 12x 2,30m Sidepoles
      • 12x Steel Pegs (1,00m)
      • 12x Peg Covers
      • 12x 50mm Ratchets
      • 2x Bamboo Flagstaff & Flag
      • 12x Sidewalls (6,00m) - solid or clear
      • 2x Sidewalls (3,00m) - solid or clear

        For (semi-)permanent builds we recommend adding baseplates under the poles for extra protection. This will greatly increase your pole's lifespan and structural integrity. For this tent, you will require following quantities (not included in a standard set):

        • 12x Small Baseplates

        A Silhouette tent has an estimated lifespan of 5-6 years when permanently installed. To extend this lifespan, an upgrade to a ferrari sailcloth tentsail is recommended. 

        In case of a long term installation it is advised to add security accessories to your tent. It’s important to regularly check the tension on the tent (at least every month).

        The tents are able to carry high winds up to 120km/h (75 mph / 65 kts). When winds reach more then 75km/h (46mph / 40 kts) its important to open the sidewalls so that the wind can blow through the tent. At that moment it is very important that the tent is still firmly anchored all around.

        In case of snowfall the snow should be removed either manually or by means of heating the tent to prevent the tent from collapsing under the weight of the snow. Ideally the tent should be heated before it starts snowing.

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