Organic Stretch Tent: What's included?

Below you can find the full list of materials included with the purchase of this tent

  • 1x Stretch Canopy + Tent Bag
  • 4x 2,5m Eucalyptus Corner Poles with 4-Way Metal Head or with small Rubber Mushroom Head*
  • 3m Eucalyptus Side Poles of with 2-Way Metal Head if applicable*
  • Eucalyptus Centre Poles with rubber Mushroom Heads*
  • Steel Stakes (1m / ø 25mm - hot-rolled carbon steel)
  • Stake Covers (matching the canopy color)
  • Carabine Hooks (DIN 5299 100x10mm)
  • Black Rope (both 8mm and 12mm)
*size and amounts vary based on desired tent size