About Total Patrol - Size 20

Based on the classic patrol tents from the 1960s and with aesthetic half-arches, luxurious finish and a unique twist.

Inspired by the shelters that trappers would construct in the Canadian wilderness, they consist of vertical poles that are connected by a ridge pole. The tent hangs from it, with a double roof over the top, which can be optioned in an oversized format to create additional covered living space.

The Total Patrol is all about nostalgia and space: an authentic patrol tent with a surface area of 4 x 5 m and a height of 2,5 meters, reflecting the heyday of scouting. Good for no less than 8 mattresses or 10 people standing. 

All crafted in 100% naturally breathable canvas cotton, in lovely natural colours. The double roof provides extra shade, coolness and an extra elegant look.


The aesthetic half-arches definitely add a luxurious finish and a unique twist to your Patrol Tent.


All corners feature extra reinforcement. This allows you to stretch the Patrol Tent much tighter, creating perfect aesthetic surfaces. It also offers extra protection against strong winds.


The Patrol Tents have a water and windproof seal for the windows. That way you always sleep soundly, no matter what the elements are throwing down outside.


When you roll up the canvas walls, you can fully enjoy nature in your Patrol Tent without being bothered by insects thanks to the full sturdy mesh walls: resistant to cracks, stray embers and creepy crawlies.


For those who dare to go a step further, the mesh walls of the Patrol Tent can also be rolled up – making you feel completely at one with the surroundings.