About Silhouette Tents

Silhouette tents, or sailcloth tents, are beautiful and unique in their kind. They radiate elegance thanks to the wave-like peaks, the luscious sailcloth and the massive wooden poles.


These sailcloth tents distinguish themselves by the translucent character of the sailcloth and their different shapes. Most of all because of excellent craftsmanship, as all tents are handmade by specialized sailmakers.

The wooden poles are laminated pine wood which makes them ultra strong and they are coated with a rustic varnish to protect them.

On top of the center poles, there is an option to install unique pennant flags, these flags can also be personalized (in your desired color or logo)

Keep in mind that an extra space of 1,5m around the tent is needed to anchor and install the tent.


Available colors are ivory & midnight blue.


Silhouette tents can all be fully closed with an easy to adapt sidewall system, where you can choose between clear and / or solid sidewalls. This makes it easy to heat or air condition the tent.  You can thus enjoy the feel of both an open or closed tent.


A Silhouette walkway can connect 2 Silhouette tents, and can also be closed on the sides with solid or transparent sidewalls.