About Shade Patrol - Size 20

Based on the classic patrol tents from the 1960s and with aesthetic half-arches, luxurious finish and a unique twist.

Inspired by the shelters that trappers would construct in the Canadian wilderness, they consist of vertical poles that are connected by a ridge pole. The tent hangs from it, with a double roof over the top, which can be optioned in an oversized format to create additional covered living space.

The Shade Patrol 20 has a little less shade compared to the Shade Patrol 30 – more room to stand in the spotlight. Choose a beautiful contrasting colour or a stylish tone-on-tone, creating a graceful and unique domain to call your own.


The unique cut adds that extra touch of elegance, perfectly designed to please the eye, but also to withstand at least 150 kg of storm force.


The shade cover of Patrol Tents has to handle whatever the weather gods throw at it, so we chose our 320 gsm self-developed heavy cotton canvas fabric.