About Bell tents

Humanity has known for centuries that you only need one central pole, a sturdy cloth and some guy ropes to build a cozy and spacious shelter. The groundsheet of a bell tent is therefore round by nature. Radiating atmosphere and cosiness, the traditional design of the bell tent has been refined and optimised. The stretched fabric looks even more majestic, sturdy and sleek.


The design of the traditional bell tent has been refined and optimised, making the stretched result appear even more majestic, sleek and sturdy. That functions as well as it looks, with better anchoring and water deflection.


If you roll up the outer walls and door of the tent, you will be protected on all sides by a sturdy mosquito net. Made of woven fibreglass with a PVC coating. Or loosely translated: extra durable and resistant to cracks, stray embers and creepy crawlies. Not only keeps you safe from little animals but also gives you a nice breeze when temperatures rise.


The inviting entrance of the Autentic Bell tents is thanks to the A-frame, made of champagne-coloured aluminum. The A-frame is perfectly integrated in the design and is handy, because the entrance does not have to be supported by an extra pole.