Where it begins...

Where it begins...

For as long as humans have been roaming the Earth, we have been a people of Nomads.  Sharing our travels with our tribe.  Living off, but always in balance with, the land.  In sync with our bodies & minds, with all our senses - connected with those around us, and with all the elements of nature.   

For everything had its purpose, and was used to grow, to heal, to learn from.  There is so much wisdom that we as a people of this Earth, have gathered for millions of years.   

Information which is imprinted in our inner core, in our DNA.  Passed on by our ancestors from generation to generation.  Growing consciousness together as one people. 

Somehow we have lost access to this information stored within each of us, during the last couple of centuries – when cities were built, when our monetary & banking system got introduced, when a consumption driven society took over, when mainstream media started dictating what our beliefs should be and what was good for us and what wasn’t …. and from there on evolution took a different turn.  A turn towards disconnection. 

Especially now, when we seem more disconnected from ourselves and each other than ever before, it is so important for us at Organic-Concept, to re-introduce a different way of living. 

Organic Outdoor Living, where Life is Wild – Off the Grid – Self-Sustainable – Away from any unnatural influences.  Breaking through existing patterns and deeply rooted cycles that have conditioned us to something we are not. 

We at Organic-Concept, believe that it is possible to regain access to that ancient wisdom, stored in all of us, and we wish to let people experience it for themselves. 

Together with trusted partners who share the same beliefs and vision, we are introducing …..