Soft walls or hard walls, match your requirements

Soft fabric walls and ceilings create a romantic tent-like atmosphere and can be solid or windowed. The fabric slides into a Keder rail track attached to the wooden frame, creating a weather-tight seal and a flat tensioned wall. These walls can be unzipped on three sides and rolled up entirely to open out to the surroundings. The tri-layer window system consisting of an external Ripstop canvas ‘blind’, a fixed mosquito net and a clear internal roll-up PVC window provides both privacy and protection from insects and the weather respectively.

Soft walls are also printable with any design & in full color! Great for branding.

soft or hard walls

Where climate or security is a concern, or a different aesthetic is required, the modular design of Organic Tent House allows for hard panel wall and ceiling alternatives. Hard wall alternatives include solid wood, glass, aluminium or cladded panels. Standard-sized aluminium windows and sliding doors panels are also available. Custom panels of the same dimension can be installed easily and cost-efficiently.