Silhouette Tents: Long term installation

A Silhouette tent has an estimated lifespan of 5-6 years when permanently installed. To extend this lifespan, an upgrade to a ferrari sailcloth tentsail is recommended. 

In case of a long term installation it is advised to add security accessories to your tent. It’s important to regularly check the tension on the tent (at least every month).

The tents are able to carry high winds up to 120km/h (75 mph / 65 kts). When winds reach more then 75km/h (46mph / 40 kts) its important to open the sidewalls so that the wind can blow through the tent. At that moment it is very important that the tent is still firmly anchored all around.

In case of snowfall the snow should be removed either manually or by means of heating the tent to prevent the tent from collapsing under the weight of the snow. Ideally the tent should be heated before it starts snowing.